We encourage all staff to re-read our company handbook if they need a refresher on our policies.

Dear Staff,

Making guests feel welcome at our establishment is very important to us. We were glad to hear that you all have been greeting guests with a hearty “Welcome to the Hotel California,” but while it is acceptable to comment on how nice our amenities are, please refrain from…

Fun! Easy! Vengeance!

If you’re looking for a fun fall activity to do with your gal pals, look no further than a wine tasting party! They’re super classy, super easy, and most importantly, give you an excuse to get revenge on your friends for all the ways they’ve wronged you. …

This just seems like the best way to avoid confrontation.

HAMLET: Horatio!

HORATIO: Ay, my lord.

HAMLET: There is a play tonight before the King, one scene of it comes near the circumstance which I have told thee of dirty dishes being left in the sink. I prithee, when thou seest that act afoot, observe mine uncle. If his occulted…

The Trojan Horse was a truly nightmarish gift…but it still requires a thank you note.

Dear Periosphis,

My son, I was so relieved to hear that you survived that horrendous attack from the Greeks! How terrifying it was to learn that their gift of a horse statue was nothing more than an apparatus of death. I wept in anguish for the vicious destruction brought down…

Michelle Cohn

New York-based writer and pop culture enthusiast. Read her short ramblings (@michcohn) and longer ramblings (michelle-cohn.com)

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